Unplanned pregnancies can cause a number of emotions, regardless of marital status or life stage. The decision to carry your pregnancy to term, parent, place for adoption, or abort is yours alone to make. You should factor in information about the type of support you’ll have if you choose to parent, the kind of adoption you might pursue, and travel costs related to abortion.

Keep reading to learn more about each of your options.


Many women who place for adoption do so because having a baby isn’t a viable option for them at this point in their lives. You can choose an open adoption — where you’ll have the opportunity to exchange communication with the adoptive family and baby — or a closed adoption, where birth records are sealed, and no identifying information is shared between you and the adoptive family.

There are pros and cons to each adoption option, but for women who aren’t ready to parent and don’t want an abortion, this can be a loving choice.


Often, women find that their support network is larger than they imagined. Sometimes, they find it’s smaller than they’d wish. Either way, we can offer support and resources so parenting a child doesn’t feel as overwhelming.

Important questions to consider if you’re contemplating becoming a parent include:

  • Is my partner on board?
  • Can my parents offer support?
  • What networks am I already part of that can help?


Abortion is illegal in the state of Alabama after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June of 2022. While you can travel out of state for an abortion, it is not legal to purchase abortion pills online in Alabama. And you should consider the following factors before you travel:

  • How far along you are
  • Where your pregnancy is located
  • If your pregnancy is viable or not

How far along you are will determine what procedures you may or may not be available and also how far you may have to travel to receive a legal abortion. Pregnancies located outside of the uterus (most commonly in the Fallopian tubes) are not viable and can be life-threatening to you. These are called ectopic pregnancies. Finally, it’s possible to receive a positive pregnancy test but to naturally miscarry, thus making abortion unnecessary.

An ultrasound provides the answers to all of these factors so you can learn as much as possible about your pregnancy before making a decision. We offer these free of charge and would love to see you at an appointment so you can make an informed choice.