Once she’s missed a period, everything can change – fast. What happens next may be her decision, but most women care what their guy has to say.

They want to hear from you, even if you’re still sorting out how you feel and what you think about an unplanned pregnancy.

First Steps

Here are a few steps to making the best choice for both of you – together:

  1. Make sure she’s pregnant. A positive pregnancy test is the first indication of pregnancy, but an ultrasound is needed to confirm a viable pregnancy. Offer to go with her to the appointment.
  2. Learn about your options. She’s carrying the baby, but suddenly you are both parents. What does that mean? Abortion is illegal in Alabama, so her abortion options will be limited.
  3. Listen to her thoughts & feelings. What excites her? What does she fear?
  4. Share your thoughts & feelings. If you aren’t sure how to start, say something like, “when you told me your period was late, I felt ____, because ____. Now that I’ve had a little time to think about it and hear what you are saying, I feel ____, because ____.” Consider talking with others who are close to you too.
  5. Let her know how important she is to you. Don’t pressure her about the pregnancy or check out. Instead, commit to exploring your options together and getting whatever help you need to make your relationship better than ever.

It’s helpful to bring others you trust into the conversation to continue processing your thoughts and emotions. Perhaps your parents can be the sounding board, a school counselor, or a good friend.

Whoever it is, make sure they will listen and provide honest feedback to help you process your options and next steps.

Process what pregnancy means for you & her. Contact us to talk with someone who understands.