If you had a positive home pregnancy test or are experiencing common symptoms of pregnancy, you may be asking, “Am I pregnant?”

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’ve missed a period
  • I feel like throwing up sometimes
  • My breasts feel tender
  • I have to pee more often than normal
  • I’m more tired than usual
  • I’m having mood swings

Although not everyone experiences these signs, the symptoms above are commonly associated with early pregnancy.1 Most tests you can buy are very reliable, but only a physician or other appropriate healthcare professional can confirm that you are pregnant.

When you take a pregnancy test is also important. For the most accurate results, it’s best to wait at least one week after your missed period to take the test.

The Importance of Ultrasound

While pregnancy tests do often detect a pregnancy, they are just the first step to confirming your pregnancy. If your test comes back positive, you’ll need to follow it up with an ultrasound to learn more about the pregnancy.

An ultrasound will let you know how far along you are. It will also alert you to an ectopic pregnancy, which is nonviable and life-threatening to you. Finally, it can also let you know if you’ve naturally miscarried after your test came back positive.

What If I’m Pregnant?

If your test comes back positive, contact us to schedule a complimentary ultrasound. We can also help you explore your options and will cover important safety issues related to abortion (which requires traveling out of state).

We offer no-cost resources and support to women in our community who face unplanned pregnancies. All of our services are completely confidential and offered in a judgment-free environment. We do not financially benefit from your pregnancy decision and exist so you can make a fully-informed choice without pressure or coercion.